Carolina® Men's 6" Steel Toe Brown Waterproof Work Boots

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Carolina Boots: Men's Brown CA3526 Steel Toe Waterproof Slip Resistant EH Work Boots

Some things that are padded aren't always good. On the other hand, some things that are padded, such as toilet seats and collars on work boots are a good thing! It?s the little details--such as padded collars--that make a great pair of work shoes a phenomenal pair and these Carolina Men's Brown CA3526 Steel Toe Slip Resistant EH Waterproof Boots have lots of winning details.

For starters, these Carolina boots are made from Crazy Horse leather uppers. Crazy horse is made from applying special waxes to surface of the leather. The result is a rugged, slightly weathered look that?s great at resisting moisture when you wear these steel toe boots.

Removable EVA footbeds cradle the entire length of your feet in soothing softness. They can be easily removed from these slip resistant boots to give them a good cleaning as needed. Steel shanks provide necessary support and stability to the arches. You?ll be happily surprised at how rested and energized your feet feel at the end of the day.

Your feet will be remarkably dry too, thanks to the waterproof scuba liner that lines the inside of these safety toe boots. The liners will keep your feet dry even when Mother Nature insists on raining on your parade.

In addition to being comforted and dry, your feet will be safe behind the steel toe safety caps of these waterproof boots. The steel toes meet or exceed the ASTM Standards for compression and impact testing rating of I-75/C-75. Heavy machinery that rolls on your feet or heavy objects that fall off the top shelf won?t flatten your toes like pancakes. This EH boots have also been tested to withstand applications of 14,000 volts at 60hz for one minute without leakage. In other words, you will be safe around open circuits.

The rubber outsoles of these Carolina boots are designed to provide maximum slip resistance to keep you safer around slick floors. Attached to the uppers using the cement construction method, the outsoles on the steel toe footwear are flexible and lightweight.

Winning details--such as padded collars, steel toes, and slip-resistant outsoles-- make a great pair of work boots a phenomenal pair. These Carolina Men's Brown CA3526 Steel Toe Waterproof Slip Resistant Work Boots are loaded with lots of winning details.