Classic Equine® CrossFit Front Boots

Style: CF100RDM
Assorted Colors

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The CrossFit Boot is a design innovation taking leg protection and support to a whole new level.  The
 CrossFit features a sleek, modern fit that allows the leg to function naturally with complete lower limb
 protection and support.  Fast, simple application- quick and easy on, quick and easy off.  Suspensory
 sling is uniquely positioned for correct angle alignment to ensure lower limb support.  Ergonomic
 design provides a clean, close fit for proper application with bound edges to keep out dirt and debris
.  Lightweight to allow unrestricted, natural movement with complete support and flexibility.  Neoprene
 body and shock absorbing inner pad reduce shock from concussion.  Laminated jersey lining is
 comfortable against the leg and will not fold, bunch, or rub.
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