Durango® Men's Rebel 12in. Saddle Western Boot

Style: DB5474

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For your day-to-day activities, the Durango Rebel 12in. Saddle Western boot is ideal. It's a great combination of style, comfort and durability. The quality of the dark brown full-grain leather and the traditional decorative stitching enhances the upper. The Rebel has finger holes to assist you in pulling on the boots. The use of double row welt stitching gives staying power to this Western footwear. Inside, cushioning is provided by the removable contoured footbed. The insert is ventilated, so your feet will remain cool and comfortable for hours. With the Flex insole, you will be able to bend or squat down with ease. A tempered steel shank reinforces your footing and provides arch support. The outsole is made of rubber and EVA, so you'll have equal amounts of steady grip and cushioning. The Rebel heel is only 1 3/8in., so you'll be able to walk naturally all day. This is a lightweight, cool-looking boot that will comfort your feet and impress you with its style.