Native Eyewear® Flatireons Stout Fade with Brown Polarized Lens Sunglasses

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The Native Flatirons Sunglasses sport a flat-browed style that has become the namesake of a flatsided Colorado landmark. This lifestyle piece will serve all of your apres needs but could also easiliy accompany you to the Royal Arch lookout.

N3™ Polarized Lens Technology - The most innovative and advanced polarized lens on the market. N3™ lenses block up to 4X more infrared light than regular polarized lenses, pass Z87.1 testing, provide UV protection up to 400nm, adn by significantly reducing blue light and selectively filtering UV, they deliver high contrast, crisp definition, and peak visual acuity.

Model: 172383524
Fit Profile: M-L
N3™ Lens Technology
Co-Injected Rhyno-Tuff® Air Frames
Cam-Action Hinges
Mastoid Temple Grip™
Optic Gear Kit
Made of eco-friendly material