Yeti® Coolers Security Cable Lock & Bracket

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Protect your investment! Perfect for securing your Yeti® in a truck-bed or any other areas where it is vulnerable, the Yeti® Security Cable Lock & Bracket will protect your investment from opportunistic thieves.

High strength carbon steel lock bracket designed to fit into your Yeti's integrated tie-down slots. 6ft long cable with fully adjustable lock holds tight at any position for a perfect fit 5/16? braided steel cable which easily threads through anchor points.

"When I came out of the convenience store last week, I discovered that all the gear in the bed of my pick-up had been stolen by some punks. They?d stolen all my gear - that is - except my Yeti®. I had secured it with your cable lock & bracket system. I only wish I?d secured the rest of my things as well." - Jason Mills, Port O'Connor, TX

Fits all Yeti® Tundra Coolers. For those looking for an even more substantial theft deterrent solution, purchase the high strength carbon steel 
Yeti Locking Bracket and use the cable or chain and lock of your choosing.
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